All buildings in banished

All buildings in Banished

When it comes to the popular city-building game Banished, players are presented with a vast array of buildings to construct and manage. Each building serves a unique purpose and contributes to the overall success and growth of the player’s settlement. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore all the different types of buildings available in Banished, their functions, and how they can help you create a thriving community.

Housing Buildings

  • Homes: These are the basic housing units in Banished and provide shelter for your population. It is important to construct enough homes to accommodate your growing population and ensure their well-being.
  • Boarding Houses: Boarding houses offer temporary housing for your citizens when there is a shortage of homes. They can be a useful solution to prevent homelessness during times of population growth or disasters.
  • Shelters: Shelters are emergency housing buildings that provide a roof over the head of homeless individuals. They are essential in times of crisis and can help prevent the spread of disease and unrest.

Resource Production Buildings

  • Fishing Dock: The fishing dock is used to harvest fish from nearby bodies of water. It is crucial for a steady supply of food and can be upgraded to increase its efficiency.
  • Hunting Cabin: Hunters in Banished search nearby forests for wild game. Building a hunting cabin ensures a constant supply of meat for your citizens.
  • Gatherer’s Hut: The gatherer’s hut provides a renewable source of food by collecting berries, roots, and other edible plants from the surrounding forest.
  • Orchard: Orchards are used to grow fruit-bearing trees, such as apples and pears. They require careful planning and take several years to bear fruit, but they provide a steady source of food once matured.

Manufacturing and Processing Buildings

  • Sawmill: The sawmill is responsible for turning logs into lumber, which is a key resource for constructing buildings and upgrading existing structures.
  • Blacksmith: The blacksmith produces tools, which are necessary for maintaining and repairing buildings. It is essential to have a well-functioning blacksmith to ensure the productivity of your settlement.
  • Windmill: Windmills grind various grains into flour, which is used for making bread. Having a windmill helps satisfy your population’s hunger and boosts their overall happiness.
  • Brewery: Breweries produce ale, a luxury good that can be traded or used to increase your citizens’ happiness. It requires a steady supply of ingredients and is a great way to generate additional income for your settlement.
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Infrastructure and Service Buildings

  • Marketplace: The marketplace acts as a central hub for trade and distribution of goods. It helps your citizens access a wide variety of resources while also stimulating economic activity.
  • Storage Barn: Storage barns provide a place to store various resources, preventing spoilage and improving efficiency. It is crucial to have adequate storage space to accommodate your growing needs.
  • Well: Wells provide a clean water source for your citizens, reducing the risk of waterborne diseases and improving overall health and happiness.
  • School: Schools educate your citizens, increasing their overall productivity and enabling them to take on more advanced roles within your settlement.

In conclusion, Banished offers a wide range of buildings that are essential for the success and prosperity of your settlement. From housing and resource production to manufacturing and infrastructure, each building plays a crucial role in maintaining a thriving community. By managing and optimizing these buildings, you can create a self-sustaining and prosperous society in the game.

All buildings in Banished: A Comprehensive Guide

Banished is a city-building strategy game that challenges players to establish and grow a thriving community in a harsh and unforgiving environment. As an expert in the game, I have deep knowledge of all the buildings available in Banished and their crucial roles in the development and survival of your settlement.

The Importance of Diverse Buildings

In Banished, a successful settlement requires a diverse range of buildings to support the various needs of your population. From providing shelter and food to facilitating trade and education, each building serves a unique purpose that contributes to the overall prosperity of your community.

  • Residential Buildings: The first priority in Banished is to provide suitable housing for your citizens. This includes wooden houses, stone houses, and boarding houses. Ensuring that your population has a comfortable place to live is essential for their well-being and productivity.
  • Food Production Buildings: Buildings such as crop fields, orchards, pastures, and fishing docks play a vital role in sustaining your population by providing a reliable food source. It is essential to balance the number of workers and resources allocated to these buildings to avoid food shortages or wastage.
  • Resource Gathering Buildings: Woodcutters, quarries, mines, and gatherer’s huts are crucial for obtaining essential resources needed for construction, trading, and survival. These buildings ensure a steady supply of wood, stone, iron, and other raw materials.
  • Trading and Market Buildings: Trading posts and markets create opportunities for your settlement to engage in commerce and acquire goods from other communities. The efficient management of these buildings can greatly enhance your development by providing access to valuable resources and new technologies.
  • Infrastructure and Service Buildings: Buildings such as wells, schools, churches, hospitals, and town halls contribute to the overall well-being and development of your citizens. They provide essential services, education, and spiritual guidance, which improve the overall quality of life in your settlement.
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The Challenges of Optimizing Building Placement

Strategic placement of buildings is crucial in Banished. Careful consideration of factors such as proximity to resources, transportation routes, and protection from harsh weather conditions is necessary for maximizing efficiency and minimizing risks.

Building placement optimization involves finding the right balance between resource availability and transportation distance. Placing production buildings near raw material sources minimizes travel time for workers and increases overall productivity. However, it is equally important to avoid overcrowding in specific areas, as this can lead to congestion, inefficiency, and a higher risk of disease outbreaks.

Another key consideration is protecting your buildings from harsh weather conditions, such as blizzards and tornadoes. Placing vital constructions, such as granaries and storage barns, in close proximity to residential areas can reduce the time it takes for citizens to access necessary supplies during emergencies.

«Successfully optimizing building placement is like solving a complex puzzle, where each piece plays a crucial role in the overall picture of your settlement’s development.»

The Rewards of Strategic Building Management

A well-managed collection of buildings in Banished can lead to numerous benefits for your settlement. An optimized layout not only improves the overall efficiency and productivity of your citizens but also maximizes the potential for growth and expansion.

With the right combination of buildings, you can create a stable and self-sustaining community that thrives even in the face of challenges. As your population grows, you can unlock advanced buildings and technologies that further enhance the capabilities and resilience of your settlement.

In Conclusion

Building management is a critical aspect of Banished that requires careful consideration and strategic planning. By understanding the unique roles and significance of each building, optimizing their placement, and managing them effectively, you can create a prosperous and thriving settlement that withstands the test of time. Remember, the success of your community lies in your hands, so make every decision count!

All buildings in Banished

В Banished, Вы – мастер колонии, отвечающий за выживание и процветание группы людей, которые были изгнаны из родной земли. Одним из ключевых аспектов игры является строительство различных зданий, которые играют важную роль в развитии и процветании вашей колонии.

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Одним из первых зданий, которое вам потребуется построить, является жилье для ваших колонистов. Жилье предоставляет им убежище от неблагоприятных погодных условий и помогает поддерживать их уровень счастья. Вы можете строить разные виды жилья, от простых домиков до роскошных резиденций, в зависимости от доступных ресурсов.

Производственные здания

Производственные здания играют важную роль в поддержании ресурсного баланса в вашей колонии. Вы можете построить лесопилку, чтобы добывать дерево, каменоломню для добычи камня, и железную шахту для добычи железа. Кроме того, вы можете построить фермы и огороды для производства пищи.

Здания общественного назначения

Здания общественного назначения улучшают условия жизни в вашей колонии и помогают поддерживать уровень счастья ваших колонистов. Вы можете построить церковь, чтобы удовлетворить духовные потребности ваших жителей, и таверну, чтобы они могли отдохнуть и развлечься.

Здания для производства товаров

Здания для производства товаров позволяют вам создавать различные товары, которые могут быть использованы для обмена с другими колониями. Некоторые из этих зданий включают пекарню, где вы можете производить хлеб, и пивоварню, где вы можете производить пиво.

Оборонительные здания

Оборонительные здания помогают защищать вашу колонию от врагов, таких как дикие животные или враждебные племена. Вы можете построить стены, чтобы обозначить границы вашей колонии и предотвратить вторжение, а также оружейную мастерскую для создания оружия и брони.

Здания для образования

Здания для образования позволяют вам обучать ваших колонистов новым навыкам и повышать их уровень образования. Вы можете построить школу, где высокообразованные учителя будут преподавать различные предметы, а также университет для более специализированного и глубокого образования.

Торговые здания

Торговые здания позволяют вам торговать с другими колониями и обмениваться ресурсами или товарами. Вы можете построить рынок, где вы можете продавать свои созданные товары и покупать нужные ресурсы, а также торговую палату для обмена с другими колониями.


В Banished есть огромное разнообразие зданий, каждое из которых играет определенную роль в развитии и процветании вашей колонии. Вы должны мудро выбирать, какие здания строить, чтобы обеспечить баланс ресурсов, уровень счастья ваших колонистов и общий успех вашей колонии.

  • Жилье — обеспечивает убежище и счастье колонистов.
  • Производственные здания — добывают ресурсы для поддержания баланса.
  • Здания общественного назначения — улучшают условия жизни и счастье колонистов.
  • Здания для производства товаров — создают товары для обмена.
  • Оборонительные здания — защищают от врагов и вторжений.
  • Здания для образования — повышают уровень образования колонистов.
  • Торговые здания — обеспечивают торговлю с другими колониями.

Стройте разнообразные здания, чтобы обеспечить успешное развитие вашей колонии в Banished. Будьте внимательны к потребностям ваших колонистов и поддерживайте баланс ресурсов, чтобы обеспечить их счастье и процветание. Помните, что здания играют ключевую роль в построении процветающей и благополучной колонии.