Stronghold crusader all cheats

Stronghold Crusader: All Cheats

Stronghold Crusader is a popular real-time strategy game that immerses players in the medieval world of knights, castles, and epic battles. As with any game, it’s always exciting to discover hidden features or shortcuts that can enhance the gaming experience. In Stronghold Crusader, cheats can offer players a boost in resources, unlock special abilities, or simply provide a fun twist to gameplay.

Unlocking Cheats

Before we delve into the extensive list of cheats, it’s essential to know how to unlock them in Stronghold Crusader. To activate cheats, you’ll need to access the game’s in-game console. Press the tilde (~) key to open the console, and then type in the following command:

cheat allowcheats

After entering this command, cheats will be enabled for the duration of your gameplay session. Now let’s explore some of the most popular and exciting cheats available in Stronghold Crusader.

Unlimited Resources

One of the most sought-after cheats in Stronghold Crusader is the ability to have unlimited resources at your disposal. You can achieve this by entering the following command in the console:

cheat resources

This cheat instantly provides you with a vast amount of gold, stone, wood, and other essential resources, allowing you to construct and maintain a formidable stronghold without worrying about scarcity.

Godlike Powers

If you’ve ever dreamed of having godlike powers in the game, this cheat is perfect for you. By entering the following command, you can become an invincible force to be reckoned with:

cheat safe

With this cheat, your units will become immune to any harm, rendering them unstoppable on the battlefield. Watch as your troops effortlessly defeat enemy forces and conquer territories with ease.

Instant Victory

For those looking for a quick and decisive victory, the instant victory cheat can be a game-changer. By typing in the following command, you can instantly achieve victory without the need for prolonged warfare:

cheat finish

This cheat immediately completes the current mission or scenario, allowing you to bypass any potential challenges or obstacles. It’s a great way to test different strategies or simply experience the thrill of triumph.

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Unlocking Special Characters

In Stronghold Crusader, there are special characters that can bring a unique flavor to your gameplay. To unlock these characters, you’ll need to enter the corresponding cheats:

  • cheat mrsolo: Unlocks the character «The Rat.»
  • cheat chickenfarm: Unlocks the character «The Pig.»
  • cheat ipggi: Unlocks the character «The Snake.»

Each character has different strengths and weaknesses, adding depth and variety to your gameplay experience.

Your Stronghold Crusader Adventure Begins

With these cheat codes at your disposal, your Stronghold Crusader adventure is bound to be even more thrilling and captivating. From unlimited resources to godlike powers, these cheats can enhance your gameplay experience in ways you never imagined. Unlock special characters and achieve instant victory as you reign supreme in the world of medieval warfare.

Remember, cheats add an extra layer of excitement and fun, but don’t forget to challenge yourself and experience the game’s true mechanics. Use cheats responsibly and embrace the epic journey that Stronghold Crusader has to offer.

In Conclusion

Stronghold Crusader is an exceptional real-time strategy game, and cheats can amplify the enjoyment and exhilaration of gameplay. Whether you’re looking to conquer your enemies effortlessly or unlock special characters, the cheats in Stronghold Crusader offer a range of possibilities.

Remember to activate cheats by typing «cheat allowcheats» in the console. Once enabled, you can take advantage of unlimited resources, godlike powers, and instant victory. Experiment with different cheat codes and characters to create a unique gaming experience that suits your style.

Now, grab your armor, rally your troops, and embark on an unforgettable journey through the medieval world of Stronghold Crusader!

Stronghold Crusader: All Cheats

Stronghold Crusader is a popular real-time strategy game that combines elements of city-building and combat. Released in 2002, this game has a dedicated fan base and offers hours of gameplay. While the game provides a challenging experience, some players may seek an extra edge to overcome difficult scenarios. That’s where cheats come in handy.

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What are Cheats and Why Should You Use Them?

Cheats are codes or commands that allow players to modify the game’s mechanics, giving them an advantage or unlocking special features. While using cheats may be seen as «cheating» by some, they provide an opportunity for players to experiment and have fun without the usual constraints of the game’s rules.

How to Activate Cheats in Stronghold Crusader

Activating cheats in Stronghold Crusader is a straightforward process. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Start the game and enter the desired scenario or campaign.
  2. Press the [Shift] + [Alt] + [A] keys simultaneously.
  3. A prompt will appear, asking if you want to enable cheats. Click «Yes» to proceed.
  4. You can now utilize cheats during gameplay.

Top Cheats in Stronghold Crusader

Now that you know how to enable cheats let’s explore some of the most popular ones:

  • Delian Treasury: Adds 1000 gold to your treasury.
  • Eat This!: Instantly kills the targeted enemy unit.
  • Lord of the Ring: Maximizes your popularity.
  • Thumbs Up: Gives your character a thumbs-up gesture.
  • Freeze!: Freezes time, allowing you to plan your strategies without pressure.

Unlocking Special Features

Besides cheat codes that give you an advantage, Stronghold Crusader also offers special features that can be unlocked. These features enhance the overall experience and add an extra layer of excitement to the game.

Retail Sensation: Completing 50 scenarios.

Prestige: Completing the Crusader Trail on Very Hard difficulty.

Stronghold Legend: Completing the Crusader Trail on Hard difficulty.

These special features serve as rewards for your dedication and skill in conquering the game’s challenges.

The Importance of Balanced Gameplay

While cheats can be entertaining, it’s essential to maintain a balance between using cheats and playing the game as intended. The developers designed the challenges to test your skills and decision-making abilities. Excessive use of cheats can diminish the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment that come from overcoming difficult scenarios.

It’s best to use cheats sparingly or in a separate playthrough, allowing you to have the best of both worlds — enjoying the game’s challenges and exploring its hidden possibilities.

In Conclusion

Stronghold Crusader provides an immersive and challenging gameplay experience. While cheats offer a way to experiment and have fun without constraints, it’s important to strike a balance and not rely solely on cheats. The game’s special features and unlockables provide rewards for your dedication and skill. So, activate those cheats with caution, and let the crusade begin!

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Stronghold Crusader: все читы

Добро пожаловать в мир Stronghold Crusader! Эта захватывающая стратегическая игра подарит вам часы удовольствия и азарта. Однако, чтобы упростить свое прохождение и получить дополнительные преимущества, необходимо знать все читы. В этой статье мы расскажем вам о всех доступных в игре чит-кодах.

Вступление в игру

Стратегическая игра Stronghold Crusader перенесет вас в эпоху Средневековья, где вы будете управлять своим крепостным поселением и вести войну с врагами. Игра предлагает различные режимы, включая режим кампании, сценарии и многопользовательские сражения.

С помощью чит-кодов вы сможете значительно упростить свое прохождение. Они позволят вам получать бесконечные ресурсы, быстрые постройки и другие преимущества. Вот некоторые из наиболее полезных чит-кодов для Stronghold Crusader.

Список чит-кодов

  • Delian Treasury — получить 100000 золота
  • Halt! Who Goes There? — окрылить противников
  • In the Name of the Moon — бессмертие для вашего военачальника
  • The Rat Has a Tail — открыть все миссии в режиме одиночной игры
  • Rock on — получить 1000 камня
  • Wooden Pigs — получить 1000 дерева

Это только небольшая часть доступных чит-кодов. Если вы хотите получить больше преимуществ и упростить игру, можете обратиться к полному списку чит-кодов в интернете.

Процесс активации читов

Чтобы активировать чит-коды в Stronghold Crusader, необходимо выполнить следующие шаги:

  1. Запустите игру и начните новую кампанию или сценарий.
  2. Паузу в игре и откройте окно ввода кодов, нажав на клавишу [Shift] + [Alt] + [A].
  3. Впишите желаемый чит-код и нажмите [Enter].
  4. Чит будет активирован, и вы сможете наслаждаться преимуществами.

Обратите внимание, что активация чит-кодов может негативно сказаться на игровом процессе. Используйте читы с осторожностью и не злоупотребляйте ими, чтобы не потерять интерес к игре.


Stronghold Crusader предлагает захватывающий игровой опыт, однако, иногда некоторым игрокам хочется упростить свое прохождение или просто испытать новые возможности. Чит-коды в этой игре предоставляют возможность получить дополнительные ресурсы, улучшения и другие преимущества.

Однако, помните, что использование читов может негативно повлиять на вашу игру и ослабить интерес. Поэтому используйте читы с умом и осторожностью, чтобы сохранить удовольствие от игры в Stronghold Crusader.